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Wireless headphones Jabra Sport Pace

Wireless headphones Jabra Sport Pace

Published 17.07.2016 Published Devices Comments 0

Jabra is well known for the quality of their headphones and that is essentially why I tried them. I bought Jabra Sport Pace and I wanted to use them during my running sessions. After initial tests, it looks very good.

I wanted to get wireless headphones for a long time. I like to listen to music (or sometimes books) a lot and the wire is so annoying. It’s always jumping, restrains me and it’s just very uncomfortable to wear. For some time I was using Koss Porta Pro and they hold on the head very nicely. I hide wire under my t-shirt and run. In the end, I destroyed them twice and even though I got my money back, I never bought new ones. And I also never had the courage to run with them in rain.

I tried to buy wireless headphone on Aliexpress. They were only $15, plus, I had some coupons for a discount. Such an offer cannot be rejected. Delivery took a month and I was very unsatisfied. But based on the price, I expected that. There was always noise during the listening and the battery was very heavy and badly placed – it bounced all the time during running . I hated it.

If you want to have useful wireless headphones you have to buy quality. Jabra has a lot of experience in this area and that is why I chose their Sport Pace.

Types of Jabra sport wireless headphones

Jabra has three basic sport wireles headphones.

  • the cheapest is Jabra Sport Pace, which only has the basic functions (but still more than regular headphones)
  • Jabra Sport Pulse can track your heart beat
  • Jabra Sport Coach has an integrated moving sensor and can count eg. squats or chin-ups.

I was thinking about Jabra Sport Pulse. My heart rate is tracked by a Fitbit but to check the value I have to turn on Charge HR and look at my watch. The Sport Pulse Jabra app could tell me about the pulse through headphones and the data would be synced with Endomondo. But this type of headphones is quite expensive and that is why I stuck with the basic version.

The box

What’s in the box?

  • the headphones (suprisingly)
  • 3 different sizes of headphones rubber – standard today
  • a little bitch that can be easily lost and which can be used to adjust the length of the wire
  • a charging wire
  • a guide – I know that nobody reads this, but this time, it could be useful. There is a list of button functions and belive me, there is a lot of buttons.

What are they capable of

They can play music up to five hours. If you use the headphones only as an audio coach, they will last longer. They can be in standaby mode for up to 5 days. To control the music you have three basic buttons – turn on/off, increase and decrease volume. They can also be used for handling calls. I didn’t try this feature, because during my workouts I didn’t want to make calls.

There is one special sports button that can start or stop workout or give you audio feedback about the current state. Unfortunately, it works only withthe Jabra app, which is not as good as Endomondo and does not have any third party app integrations. It’s a pity. Without integration to other fitness apps, the headphones are not as good as they could be.

The headphones hold perfectly on your ears. They don’t jump or fall during a run. I used them on a bike for three hours straight without any problem. If I compare them to that Chinese shit I mentioned at the start of the article, they are excellent. I was pleased that it also reports battery state by audio feedback.

I am generally content with the headphones but without a 100% function of the sports button, it is just not it.

I have to give you some feedback after one year of usage. Unfortunately, battery life went down really fast and now can hold only an hour and a half which is not enough.

What headphones do you use during sport? Reply

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