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What does it Moving Time metric?

What does it Moving Time metric?

Fitness apps generate a lot of data but we need to understand them to make them useful. The worst is that some metrics can have different definitions in different apps. The moving time is a very good example of it.

What is moving time? Let’s say that you go on the bike ride. You start tracking your workout in Strava app and in one hour you reach your favourite pub. As a responsible biker, you get some non-alcoholic beer and you sit there about a half hour. After that, you return to the home in one hour. There you turn off Strava app and upload your workout data.

You were out two and half hour but you spent on the bike only two of them. The moving time will be two hours. It is very simple in this example.

But what does it mean to move?

Where are the boundaries? Based on GPS you always move. Your position is never fully accurate and you are jumping few metres aside at best a scenario. It is common to set a minimal speed that is counted as moving. For example: If you ride your bike slower than 5kmh it will be not counted as the moving time. During running or walking boundary should be lower.

What does mean moving time in Strava?

I couldn’t find the detailed specification. Detecting of movement is different for running and biking:

  • Running – moving time is detected based on accelerometer in your phone.
  • Biking– moving time is detected based on your speed.

Strava will remove time when you are moving too slow or too fast. It is considered as navigation error.

Strava have also the autopause feature that works similarly. At last, you know when Strava thinks you are not moving.

Total time of the workout is called Elapsed Time. It is basically the difference between the start and the end of the GPS record.

Strava, moving time

Strava cut off my moving time drasticly.

What does mean moving time in Endomondo?

You cannot find moving time in Endomondo. If you import GPS file, duration of workout will be calculated from start to end. Pauses don’t have any effects.

There is one way how to get moving time in Endomondo. You can turn on the autopause feature in the app. There is a catch. To make it work properly you have to move at last 13kmh. That is ok where you bike on a flat terrain but it is not so easy on runs. And solution by Endomondo? Turn it off. I had a lot of trouble with this “feature”. It was pausing my workout when I was pushing my bike to the hill.

How calculate moving time properly?

When I wanted to calculate real moving time from existing GPS files I had a problem. Strava had too strict rules and it cut off too much from my workout. I biked too slow. The other extreme was Endomondo – they don’t use moving time at all.

I found tool Javawa GPS-Tools. You can upload GPX file and set minimal movement speed by yourself. Hurray!

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