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Track usage of shoes and other equipment by Endomondo

Track usage of shoes and other equipment by Endomondo

Published 07.08.2016 Published Sport apps Comments 0

Endomondo’s tags can be used for many different things – to separate training and races, running on different surfaces or weather. They can also be used to measure how worn the shoes and other equipment is.

Runstatic recently released a new feature which allows you to measure how worn your shoes are. From what I saw, it is a great thing. You can see how many kilometres you ran in the shoes and how fast you were.

The disadvantage is that it can only be used by runners. Endomondo has its own system that allows similar functions but it’s not as simple and it definitely deserves some improvement. Measuring how worn the equipment is can be done by a system of tags. You can assign unlimited tags to the workout which can represent:

  • shoes
  • clothes
  • bike
  • bike parts like chain, brake pad or bike tires

Basically, anything that comes to your mind. But there are a few catches. Tags can’t be added in the app and you have to enter them on the web manually. Normally, I tag my workouts once in a month because I don’t want to do it separetly, one by one. It’s great that I don’t change my equipment that much, so it is easy for me to remember what I used.

Display how worn the equipment is

Again, you can’t count on filtering by tags in the app. It can only be done on the web. You can do it in these two sections.

  • History
  • Statistics

From History, you get a regular list of workouts, that you completed using the equipment. But statistics are much more interesting. You can select to view the number of kilometres ran and switch to years. And now you have to count the number of kilometres manually because it can be shown year by year only. You can also view the number of hours you used the equipment for.

Endomondo Tagy - GoRun

With GoRun Skechers I runned 972 kilometres.

Endomondo Tagy - Asics

And with the Asics it is 375 kilometres for now

Unfortunatelly this function is only for premium accounts.

Do you measure how worn your shoes are in Endomondo or in a different app? Which one? Reply

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