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SoundBuds Slim – wireless headphones by Anker

SoundBuds Slim – wireless headphones by Anker

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We live at the time of charging. Our tools last only for a short period of time, they run out of battery and they have the same use as a rock in a river. That’s the price of wireless and comfort and I’m ready to pay it. I hesitated for a long time to choose my new Bluetooth headphone. After searching the internet I choose unknown company Anker.

My last headphones were Jabra Sport Pace. In my review, there is a lot of my initial enthusiasm. Only the note, that I added year later, says, that the reality is not that bright. What I see as the biggest disadvantages:

  • Jabra Sport Pace have “sport” button that informs you about the current state of your activity – pace, heart rate, time, … but it works only with official Jabra app. I used Endomondo and I had no intention to switch. So I didn’t use that button at all.
  • With winter hat headphone wasn’t comfortable anymore.
  • I could handle those two issues but what I cannot forgive is the battery life. In the beginning, headphones last 4 hours on one charge. After one year it was only an hour and a half. And it wasn’t the worst. Headphones were discharging event when they were turned off. One day I wasn’t able to turn them on anymore. That’s was the end.

Battery life

Wireless headphones are consumer goods. You cannot change batteries so when they are finished your headphones are finished and you are finished. Well… the truth is that even with wireless headphones there is a problem of cable that cannot last forever.

I found Jabra product that’s similar to Sport Pace. There was an information that battery life is 144 hours and that’s a hell low. Last year I run and rode for about 500 hours. On a bike, I use headphones only for navigation so it doesn’t have such consumption. But its crazy idea, that based on this, I should buy two Bluetooth headphones every year.

Looking for a cheap alternative

I love the comfort of wireless headphones. I don’t want to be attached to my phone with some string… Also, want to have something to connect to Fitbit Ionic. The watch has the ability to play a music. So, I was looking for some alternative to Sport Pace.

I didn’t want to buy Jabra again. They are expensive and you aren’t paying for quality but for marketing. I wasn’t looking for some fitness function too since I had some bad experience with the sport button.

I found headphones SoudBuds Slim on Amazon. I liked a reasonable price and good reviews. I didn’t want to buy some cheap crab on Aliexpress anymore since I did it once and results were terrible. (well… Anker is Chinese company and they are also selling on Aliexpress…)

Also, the reviews aren’t always the best source of information. They can be written by producer itself … but I was determined to give it a change. For the price of one Jabra Sport Pace I could afford four Ankers.

SoundBuds Slim

At first sight, headphones look great. In the package, there was 4 different size of buds and 3 sizes of ear holders. They are comfortable despite the pods seems massive. They are magnetic which can be really useful.

At accessories, there was also clip and cable holder. Sometimes I faced the problem that cable restrict turning of my head to left or right. But it can be solved wither proper cable management. I think it’s the problem with this type of Bluetooth headphones in general.

All accessories were in a small magnetic bag. It’s great because I’m not going to lose all those buds and clips…

I didn’t face any problem with pairing with my phone (Android, Xiaomi Redmi 3D). Headphones are water resistant. I was running a few times in rain without any problem. You can charge them with regular micro USB cable.

Based on the producer, they can play music for up to 7 hours, which is 2 more hours than Jabra. I also found a note that it depends on many variables. Based on my test I can confirm that they really can last that time.

I’m satisfied with this headphones right now. Only thing I’m concern about is their service life. But I will have to wait for some time to figure it out.

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