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MilestonePod – track efficienty of your runs

MilestonePod – track efficienty of your runs

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Milestone pod is a small, cheap device that can track the efficiency of your runs. It does not a need charger and basically, you don’t have to care about it at all. The pod will detect your movements and track your activity.

Last year I was looking for some device that could help me improve my running technique. I found two. The first was Sensoria Socks but I didn’t like them. I can’t image to running with them in hot weather.

The second option was RunScribe. It was great at almost all levels. There were two problems. It was expensive and sold out. I found one piece on eBay but used and a seller didn’t look trustworthy.

At the end of summer, I noticed that RunScribe released a new version packed with some new features. The price was still high but I really wanted to try it. I already had it in a cart but then I found the new device – MilestonePod that costs only 30$. The decision was quick. For comparison – Runscribe was 250$. It has much more information and statistics … but the price is just too high.

10 Metrics

I live in the Czech Republic and it took a few weeks but the small package arrived. MilestonePod is a small sensor that is attached to lenses of a shoe. It’s powered by a small flat battery (I don’t know the technical name). You don’t have to care about charging because it lasts about a half year. The pod is waterproof and holds firmly on the shoe.

MilestonePod works automatically. You don’t have to switch on by the start of the run. It knows when you start moving. It tracks runs and walks. It tracks 10 different metrics (but true is that pace and run efficiently is just counted from others)

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Pace
  • Cadence
  • Foot strike – hell, mid or toe
  • Stride length
  • Ground contact
  • Leg swing – low, mid or high
  • Rate of impact – low, mid or high
  • Runficiency – from 0 to 100

You can also have multiple pods to track mileage of your shoes.

You will get great statistics for just 30$ dollar but there are also a few setbacks.

  • Metrics are summarized to minutes. It means that if you have heel strike for 31 seconds and mid-strike for 29 seconds, the only heel will be counted.
  • Metrics as foot strike are not real time. You don’t have instant feedback during the run
  • You can export your running technique data only to excel.
My new Nike shoes

And I bought new shoes…


It is hard to tell if the device is accurate. Without some lab, I don’t have proper tools. Even tracking with GPS might have deviations. Generally, MilestonePod tracked about 7% more kilometers than my smartphone with GPS. But GPS is likely tracking less distance than in the reality. So I can say that MilestonePod distance data are little optimistic but still in some reasonable range.

I struggled with foot strike detection for some time. Sensor kept telling me that I have heel strike but I was convinced that I land on midfoot. It is hard to say which is true from runner perspective. But when I was trying to improve my technique I improved my foot strike metrics.

In manual, I found that the first contact can be on the heel but your weight might land on midfoot.

It is interesting to watch running efficiency in different paces. During the slow run, numbers are bad. But as I run faster, ground contact will drop, cadence will get higher. You can check summarized data on MilestonePod website for women, man, different paces, and shoes. It is the great tool for comparing your results.


There is an app for Android either iOS. It is definitely not the advantage of the device. Let’s say that usability depends on what do you expect from the app. I track all my runs in Endomondo and in MilestonPod app I just check running technique. You can’t filter, sort or summarize your runs by months. It is not a good running diary.

On the top of mentioned metrics app contains interesting graphs. They show correlations between pace and cadence, pace and stride length, pace and ground contact and pace and running efficiently.

Milestone App Milestone App


MilestonePod is the very cheap device that allows you to track basic elements of your running technique. The biggest disadvantage is that you don’t have real-time feedback.

I can’t image to replace my GPS tracking by MilestonePod because the app will provide you only basic data. I heard that they plan to add sync with Strava which could be a huge improvement. I hope that they will continue improving their app and device because it has a great potential.

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