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How to protect your privacy on Endomondo and Strava

How to protect your privacy on Endomondo and Strava

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We give up our privacy for higher goals. We share our endless runs on Endomondo and we let the world check our rides on Strava. Everyone likes sharing. But beware. The world doesn’t have to know everything.

When people talk about privacy on social networks, it is almost every time connected with Facebook. Our public posts can easily scare our future employe if you have posted some embarrassing photos of you. Your data from workouts wouldn’t cost you a job, but they are much more dangerous. Because you share where and when you are moving.

First, I need to remind you – the offline safety is as important as online safety. Better safe than sorry. Even a regular jog did at the same time and the same place can be dangerous. As I read at a book Living with a SEAL: “Just do me a favor. Change up the pickup time. Go an hour or so later tomorrow. Break the pattern, Sara. Break the pattern.It is simple: don’t be predictable.

The basic rule in the all social networks is to check your profile in incognito browser mode and as different user. Just create a new profile just for this purpose. You might be shocked when you realise what can a random person on the internet find about you. And if you run by the same pattern, you might meet some secret lover…

Privacy on Endomondo

You can adjust your settings at privacy page. At the top of the page, you choose if your profile will be visible to all users of the internet or only for users of Endomondo.

There are three basic states of each setting:

  • Public – Everyone can see it.
  • Friends – It can be seen by your friends only. I recomend to add only those who you really know.
  • Private – Only you can see it. And of course databse managers at Endomondo…

The most important are „Future workouts“. There are two important settings:

  • Workouts Visibility – This is general information about workout like distance, duration and speed.
  • Map Visibility – This is map of workout. The best option here only for friends or private. Public can be dangerous.
Endomondo, privacy settings

If you want to show off some race it’s no problem. You can change privacy settings for workout individually and set it for one particular exercise on the public.

The big problem is that you can update your past workouts in bulk. You have to do it one by one. This can be very annoying if you have hundreds of workouts.

Endomondo, privacy settings

Privacy settings on Strava

Strava have different privacy settings from Endomondo. Some ideas are good but it is more compilated and I don’t like that you cannot have different settings for workout and map of the workout.

You can adjust your privacy settings on: strava.com/settings/privacy Following choices are important.

  • Enhanced Privacy Mode – If you turn this on you will hide your workouts from Strava users and they will be shown only your followers. All your followers you have to approve first. It will also hide your name and photos.
  • Who can see your activity on Strava Labs Flyby? – Flyby is interesting feature from Strava. If you met someone during the workout and that person will be using Strava, you can see his profile and workout map. Something like runner dating. You can turn it off here.
Strava Labs Flyby
  • Hide your house/office on your activity maps – This is that interesting idea I was writing about. You can exclude some location from your workout. If you want to share your map but you don’t want to people know where you live or work, you can add the address and choose radius. Everything in given circle will be hidden. Bad thing is that size of the radius is limited.
  • Make my activities private by default. Any activity can be made public after it has been uploaded. – You can set all your future workouts as private. You will publish only those you choose by yourself.
  • Strava Metro & Heatmap – Interesting thins. Strava has anonymised global heatmaps, where you can see where people bike or run or do some other activities. It can be dangerous. Someone found some hidden military bases because soldiers were using Strava… If you want to exclude your workouts from heatmap, you can.

And same as in Endomondo, there no option to change all your past workouts to private. Again, you have to do it one by one. This is something that both fitness app should implement.

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