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Forget about running with music, it’s time to read a book!

Forget about running with music, it’s time to read a book!

Published 18.08.2015 Published Tips & Tricks Comments 0

Everyone is running with music these days. Well, most of us. But what about trying to do it a bit differently?

The world is split to those who run with headphones and those who don’t (yes, there also is the majority that doesn’t run at all, but they are out of our understanding, right?) Sure, running without headphones does have some advantages — no wires, no hopping, nothing in your ears or nothing is clutching your head and, after all, it is somehow more natural, more paleo if you want. But I am a Freak about technologies, so if I can use something, I will.

Music? Come on!

Of course, everyone is able to download a song that makes him enthusiastic and provides a good rhythm (did you try the new Spotify feature yet?). Yes, an epic song can give you so much energy that you even challenge skateboarding with no fear. But give up on music today and try a book. Not the paper one, for heaven’s sake. An audiobook.

Books may not be so epic, but they bring several advantages. It’s all about the right choice. Don’t choose something boring. You could fall asleep during a run. You need something thrilling. The more thrilling, the better.

And then the cliffhanger comes

If you delve into a book, you’ll not notice that you’re actually running. All the exhaust will disappear because you’ll just focus on the story. It’s also a great pain neutralizer. Truth to be told, a run is the only activity during which I am able to focus on the book. In other cases, I start doing something else and forget that I’m listening.

And believe me, the law of the nature will cause that you end your run in the most thrilling moment. So you tell yourself, just once more kilometer to know how it will continue… And after next kilometer, there is another thrilling moment … an infinite circle. You will always be full of enthusiasm to run again. You just want to finish the book. Of course, you have to follow the rule: read only during the run. So be strong and no cheating.

I read Inferno by Dan Brown like this and I have to recommend it. How many kilometers I ran with it … about a hundred … and it was great!

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