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Does have Endomondo bright future?

Does have Endomondo bright future?

Published 11.03.2019 Published Sport apps Comments 4

On March 2012 I used Endomondo for the first time. It is now 6 years. I bought a premium app and then even a premium membership and keep it for several years. Since Endomondo was bought by Under Armour I have the feeling that platform is not evolving anymore. I cancelled my membership and thinking about searching different app.

What is source of problem? Under Armour owns 3 apps for running (and fitness in general) – Endomondo, MapMyRun and Under Armour Record. (+ MyFitnessPal, which is for nutrition tracking). It is not effective to maintain 3 different apps that do basicly the same. It would be easier for company to have only one.

This app “quatro” is now called „Under Armour Connected Fitness“ and it has 200 million registered users. The only question is how many of them are active…

Evolving of Endomondo

Since 2015, when Endomondo was bought, I noted, that some features disappeared from web and app:

  • Race calendar
  • Comparing personal records with other users
  • Public list of feature request

Because I loved comparing PRs with other users, I asked Endomondo support, why I cannot see this feature anymore. The aswer was, that almost nobody was using it.

In last year there were 18 versions of the app for Android. News? Oficial changelog does not exist, but I was able to find this:

  • Add compatibility with Samsung Gear
  • New system of personal records. You can now achieve PR not only lifestime but also for years and months.
  • New activity sharing
  • Remove of old logo and replace it with new one with Under Armour sign – I didn’t like it at all
  • New design of activity record – but this is actually from this year
Endomondo app

Nothing much. Compatibility with Samsung Gear is nice, but I will not use it since I don’t have Samsung.

New system of personal records is a great motivation, but monthly records are just too often and annoying. Moreover, it is not completed yet. If I have PR notification on the web, it shows me nothing. They made this feature only for the app.

New activity sharing … well … ok, but it is nothing more than copying rivals. And new design of workout tracking is … step back. Half of the screen is covered by a map, which does not interest me. I cannot longer pick which metrics I want to see. And again, it is only copying rivals that have similar design.

Endomondo competitors

I tried to find how Endomondo deals with his competitors. It is a difficult question. You cannot find out a number of active users and even the definition of Endomondo competitor can be tricky.

I tried to compare Android apps that track primary running using phone. For example, Fitbit does not fit this definition even that it is able to track runs. It is primarily the app for the fitness band.

Number of downloads on Google Play is highly aproximated so I used sensortower.com, which give me estimate of number of downloads for last months. Leaderboard is following:

Name of app Total downloads Downloads for February 2018 Rating
Strava 10M+ 400k 4.5
Runtastic 10M+ 400k 4.5
Nike+ Run Club 10M+ 200k 4.4
Endomondo 10M+ 100k 4.5
Runkeeper 10M+ 100k 4.5
Sports Tracker 5M+ 100k 4.5
Map my Run 5M+ 70k 4.5
Under Armour Record 1M+ 70k 4.0

Rating of apps is very similar (except Under Armour Record) but Strava and Runstatics are leaders in recent downloads. Accurate of data could be improved if I would count in “pro” versions of apps and for “Map My Fitness” all variants

Endomondo stagnates

Back to the first question – does have Endomondo bright future? Will it survive? Will Under Armour merge all its apps to one? They are telling not, but I have a feeling, that Endomondo is being pushed away.

In summer, this year Endomondo blog (blog.endomondo.com) was quietly removed. All articles were deleted permanently.
True is that the latest articles were only republished from MyFitnessPal blog…

And social profiles of Endomondo… Last post on Instagram is from 2016. On Twitter and Facebook, there is no original activity. There are only links to articles from MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness blog. The brand is dying.

There is not going to be some Armageddon. The app will continue to work, some bugs will be fixed, support will continue work, some minor features might appear but I don’t expect some big changes.

I don’t like this at all. I think that Endomondo is a great app with easy access to the history of workouts and statistics. But without further innovation, it will hardly survive.

  1. PW

    PW: I have a bad feeling that you’re right and that Endomondo will be going away. There haven’t been app updates for some time, their social media pages have been dead for years, Under Armour is having some financial trouble but also are unsure how to utilise the apps in their arsenal. It’s a shame because it really has been my favourite workout app for years now precisely because it has so many sport options and great statistics. I hope it’ll stick around, but we’ll see.

    I’m curious to know if you’ve found a good alternative to it, until then I’ll be looking into how to save all my workout data.

  2. Jayen

    Jayen: Hi Michal, I’ve been using endomondo since 2012, I’m suddenly seeing a lot of issues these last few months…. no longer working on older devices, workouts not uploading, data not showing correctly on the web etc… I’m afraid you may well be right and the end is near…

    Did you move on to another app? What did you do to pass your data to a new platform?


    1. Michal Ozogán

      Michal Ozogán: I’m keeping my workouts in Garmin Connect and in Strava. Garmin is more for personal use and Strava more as a social network. I think that Endomondo has better statistics but issues are too common now.

      As a programmer I wrote my own script to copy the workouts. For you I think that https://tapiriik.com/ should make the job.

  3. Sona Michlikova

    Sona Michlikova: well, Endomondo is sent to history and there is not really a replacement, Strava is for an outdoor workout as running or walking but not much more. Garmin Connect, I read that it will go history too, plus I don’t own Garmin and not sure I want another smart ‘something’.
    MapMysomething something is limited…
    so there isn’t really any replacement unless I missed out on some super app that I didn’t test out.

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