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Doarama – 3D visualization of your activities

Doarama – 3D visualization of your activities

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Doarama is a great web app where you can upload your GPX file of your activity and you will get a beautifil visualization of your achievement. It is most impressive in hilly terrain when you can see how you climb to the top of mountains. It can also visualise air activities as paragliding.

When I look at my maps of run and cycling I miss something. I miss axis z – elevation. When I run just around my home, I don’t care about it very much. But when I declare war against big mountains and endless hills, I want to have it all in 3D. Where I can see mountain saddles and passes.

I saw a lot of visualization by app Relive recently. It creates a video of your activity that you can share your friends or you can watch it just by your self. Unfortunately, If you don’t want to pay monthly fees for the professional version it has some restrictions.

You cannot add past activity or upload a GPX file. That is the worst. It only downloads activities from other fitness apps. And there is another restriction for ultramaniacs – maximum 10h on one activity.

Interactive 3D map Daorama

When I was looking for some alternative I found web app Daorama. You can easily sign up, upload your GPX file and it will generate you a visualisation. The whole “video” is interactive. You can increase and decrease speed as you will. You can show information about speed, distance, ascendent, time and heart rate. Basically, all value that you can find in fitness apps.

You can even turn on alternating day and night. Sun will sunrise and sunset.

What I don’t like is that when I change direction or angle of view, it return to the default state. Also, loading of maps might be slow and it would be cool to preload them. Or generate simple video.

How it looks like you can check on the extreme example of race 1000 Miles Adventure:

It was very interesting for me because in 3D maps some hills look awesome. It is very long and it includes all of my 14 sleep places.

You can check other tracks. Like this Slovakia one hundred that you can find on Daorama.

Zajímáte se bikepackingové závody a cestování na kolech? Navštivte nový magazín BezPodpory.cz, kde postupně přibívají tipy na vybavení, jeho minimalizaci a řešení problémů, které vás na dlouhých cestách potkají.

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