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Do only one step on New Year’s Day

Do only one step on New Year’s Day

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I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I don’t want to lose weight or run a certain amount of kilometres. Despite this, I have a method how to do something I’m afraid of or it is hard for me.

It is strange that Chrismas is so close to New Year’s Eve. It had to be on purpose. Endless eating of cookies is compensated by a few workout sessions in January. This is called balance. Let’s be honest – January is the month when New Year’s resolutions die.

It is same every year. We hear same advice why we failed last year and why we can do it this year.

  • write down your goals
  • choose achievable goals
  • don’t choose abstract goals
  • burry the pair of compasses and cooperate with Math
  • be consistent

But … we all know that already. Magazines, newspapers, videos and even Facebook are giving us this information again and again. There is no defence. How can I come with something new?

It is easy for me

I have one tip. It is my way how to things that I don’t want to do or that scars me. They are out of my comfort zone. Really far away. When want to do something I need only one moment of bravery. I apply for this thing so it cannot be cancelled.

Do I want to run a marathon? Send the application to summer one and pay starting fee right now.

I used this technique when I applied for 1000 Miles Adventure race. When I was at the start line I started thinking: “What a hell I’m doing here?” At that moment I wasn’t able to say why I sent my application. Was I sober? Clearly not since the application is on New Year’s Eve.

Several days before the race were hard. I had a lot of problem with my bike and I was still missing some important parts of my equipment. I could relax somewhere near a sea. No! I chose to sit on the torture seat and sleep at freezing woods. It was too late to regret my decision. … I could not give up at the start line. And after all, I was forced to admit that it was the best vacation I could have.


I would like to say that fitness band can help you with your New Year’s resolution. I can’t. I found one study and it says that most people are excited about a few weeks and they are filling their goals but at some point, they just put a band in a drawer. Fitness band can help but the hardest work is on your own.

That’s why I can recommend only one thing. Stop reading this useless New Year’s resolutions bullshit and do one thing. Apply for something that you will not be able to cancel. Good luck.

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